Shay’s Watch Nike+ with TomTom

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Here is the watch Shay wears when he runs. It tracks his speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned. You can even load the data onto your computer to see a map of your course. Get your own. Leave a comment if you have one.

ShayCarl Shoe

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ShayCarl Supremes
Many people are interested in the ShayCarl Shoe. They can be purchased at Tweak Footwear. They aren’t cheap, but you have to pay for loyalty. Plus, shoes aren’t cheap these days and these look like pretty high quality shoes.

Have you bought the shoes already? If not, are you planning on it?

Shaytards Wear Volcom

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A while back Shay got a personal tour of the Volcom warehouse. While there he got a bunch of free stuff and had fun skating on their skateboard ramp. It is pretty cool that Shay is able to rub shoulders with owners of such great brands. This all because he decided to post videos on YouTube of his family and has gained hundreds of thousands of fans, among them celebrities and their families.

You can watch the video of Shay at Volcom below or click to check out Volcom Products.

Go Crazy

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Tonight the Shaytards had an upload party with Jackson Harris. The Shaytards did a music video with him a few weeks ago for his new single “Go Crazy.” They uploaded the video tonight during the live blogTV streaming event. If you would like to download the song, click the link to the left.

Check out the Go Crazy music video below.

GE Lightbulbs

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Today ShayCarl released his last video of the Tag Your Green roadtrip with GE. He gave away some eco-friendly LED lightbulbs. I have been interested in the efficiency of LED technology, so I looked up the product (See details to the left). It isn’t a cheap lightbulb, but I did a quick calculation using the cost of electricity in my area and the power usage of this bulb compared to a regular 40 watt bulb. It turns out it would take just over 1.5 years to make my money back with just the cost of electricity. If you take into account the cost of replacing the bulb multiple times in that time frame, it could be quicker to pay for itself.

Besides the fact that it could save you money over time, you will be helping the environment by reducing the power you use. This blub uses less than a quarter of the energy of a regular bulb. As we all contribute to reduce the energy consumption of the world, it will make a big difference.

Donny the dart

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For those of you trying to find the video where Shay shoots the Nerf dart onto the window, here it is. It was December 9, 2010 and if you go to about 11:20 you will see him shoot it up there. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t put a date on their videos when you list them on the channel page, so I decided to post the video here to make it easier for everyone to find it.

Thanks to ZhnYe and kimmychan1967 for finding the date and time on the video.

If you are wondering why I posted this then watch the video Shay posted on May 10, 2011.

Happy Birthday Shay!!

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We are glad to see that Shay had a happy birthday. In the video SHAY JUMPS OF BALCONY! Mommytard (showing off her DC Visor Beanie) got a cabin and the whole family spent some time up in the snow. It looks like they had a good time.

Shay got everyone presents from New York including a lot of “I [heart] NY” shirts. The kids were pretty excited about those. I wonder if Shay realized that Mommytard already has one of these shirts (see this vlog). Maybe she just needed a new one. Why is it do you think that they love New York so much? I thought they were Utah Jazz fans, not Knicks fans? Did Shay get that shirt for Logan just because nobody else would have it yet or does Logan really like Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks?

Two Years of Vlogging

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Well, they have done it. The Shaytards completed two years of vlogging and posting to YouTube. This is an amazing accomplishment. I am a father of four kids and I can tell you to be that dedicated day in and day out of not only filming, but editing is very difficult. I have several projects that I work on and I struggle to be consistent each day. Both Shay and Katilette have to work hard to make time each day for this. I have to say he has earned every dollar he has made being a YouTube Partner. I believe I speak for all of your dedicated fans when I say congratulations Shay and Katilette and we hope to see many more videos in the year to come.

I am sure you have all seen it, but here is the two year video with all of the videos people have created for them.

Mommytards Fleece Jacket

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fleece jacketShay mentioned how nice Mommytard looked in her Yellow “The North Face” Fleece Jacket. There have been a few people ask us to put some of Mommytard’s Fleece Jackets on the ShaytardStore, so here you go. The jacket in the picture is not the same brand Mommytard has. I couldn’t find a yellow one in the same brand. The link above, however, goes to a page of the same brand. Just a different color. Sorry if that is confusing.


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After the last Shaytards video entitled NEVER SHAY NEVER! many of the Shaytard fans posted that they want Justin Bieber to meet the Shaytards. There were many people that wanted to get the hashtag #BieberTard trending on twitter. At the time of this post, it wasn’t trending.

I thought it was funny that after they watched the movie Sontard wanted a black leather jacket. It goes to show how much kids are influenced by what they see in movies or on TV.

What do you think? Do you think there are enough Shaytard fans to push for the meetup? Who would you rather meet, Shay or Justin? I think Justin Bieber has a lot of talent and has really come a long way, but I have not figured out what the craze is. Maybe because I am not a 13 year old girl and I don’t really care for most of his songs. I would like to meet Shay though. I am in a similar situation as a young father. We are going to have out fourth child next week, so I would talk to him about being a dad and supporting a family.

Well, if you haven’t yet, go tweet about how you want #BieberTard to meet up with the Shaytards. Does anyone have any contacts there?